Winter solstice fairy, at the heart of the room

Winter solstice fairy, at the heart of the room

Duncan Dance classes for children offer a non competitive environment designed to encourage healthy emotional, creative, and physical development. Dicki Johnson Macy BC-DMT, M.Ed.,LMHC, IDMA, has for the past 25 years, encouraged children trained in this technique, to remain responsive to beautiful music and to the joyful movements inspired by nature. Self esteem, grace, reverence, reciprocity and artistry are inherent to the work. A sense of rhythm and harmony develops as children dance the reconstructed choreographies to the music of Schubert, Chopin, Brahms, Beethoven, and Mozart. Dicki has recently trained Word Dance Theater teachers in her pedagogy and now your children too will be offered this beautiful Duncan curriculum.  

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Above photo by Gail Bingham