Duncan Dance classes for children offer a non competitive environment designed to encourage healthy emotional, creative, and physical development.

Dicki Johnson Macy BC-DMT, M.Ed.,LMHC, IDMA, has for the past 25 years, encouraged children trained in this technique, to remain responsive to beautiful music and to the joyful movements inspired by nature. Self esteem, grace, reverence, reciprocity and artistry are inherent to the work. A sense of rhythm and harmony develops as children dance the reconstructed choreographies to the music of Schubert, Chopin, Brahms, Beethoven, and Mozart. Dicki has recently trained WDT teachers in her pedagogy; Now your children too will be offered this beautiful Duncan curriculum.  We offer you some of Dicki Johnson Macy’s training manual in what follows.

The Curriculum

The choreographic etudes of Isadora Duncan explore, through the action/rest continuum, the dynamic relationship between affiliation and solitude. Celebrating Nature’s unity and rhythm, these dances, remembering ancient rituals and archetypes, are simultaneously tribal and divine. The indomitable human spirit, ever hopeful, is present in this choreography, and in all true healing. Isadora Duncan’s goal for the “highest intelligence in the freest body” - that every living child might have available to them the birthright of beauty, strength and freedom. The Art & Technique of Isadora Duncan program offers to participating children, celebratory explorations of relationship: to classical music; to peers; to the ancestral community; and to the natural world. The “Mother of Modern Dance,” Duncan sought movements expressive of the human spirit; Her technique:1) glorifies natural movement,2)sources rhythmic and emotional links fundamental to all life forms, and 3) traces dance to its sacred roots using mythological archetypes and ritual.

Integration and Expression

In all Duncan classes, dancers move through  and integrate gaze, form, and feeling to express their dance.

New Learning Skills In Each Class

Based on 2017-2018 Class Levels

Class: 4-7 year olds

  1. Technical: Fine and gross motor coordination; bi laterality (moving from weight on one foot to another); coordinating gesture, gaze, and steps; waltzing, skipping, leaping, recline and rise.

  2. Artistic/Metaphorical: changing dynamics of expression: gentle to strong, quick to slow and lyrical; expression of personal images or stories through body movements

  3. Interpersonal Relationships (Social/Emotional): value placed upon diversity: Beauty inherent in all nature’s creatures; inclusion; honor; flock versus mob perception of group; experience of solitude and affiliation; biological need to be both individual and part of tribe experienced in embodiment.

Class: 8-12 year olds

  1. Technical: Patterning; Joining, retreating; Skip hops and turns; Victory leaps; waltzing varied tempos; tanagra study; serpentine path form Solar plexus; Dionysian step; initiate movements from solar plexus (physical and emotional); distinguish varied runs and skips

  2. Artistic/Metaphorical: maintaining connection with partner/gaze; advanced expression of emotion, image; contemplative and expressive variations

  3. Interpersonal Relationships (Social/Emotional): continuation of goals for 5-7 yrs; embodiment of shift between leadership and follower; self and group reverence and respect; access and expression of beauty; understanding of time and place for varied “roles”/aspects of self as embodied parts of divine feminine;  self reflection as precursor to relational engagement.” 

(For more information regarding this curriculum and other trainings in the pedagogy, please contact Dicki directly (Dickijmacy@gmail.com) or go to her company website Bostoncf.org).