Youth Program

Word Dance Theater offers seasonally-themed youth dance classes that explore the human experience within the natural world. Developed by Dicki Johnson Macy BC-DMT, M.Ed.,LMHC, IDMA, our young dancers embody and dance the beauty of the seasons through improvisation and myth-based dances in the legacy of Isadora Duncan.

Students explore how the motions of water, wind, and trees inspire the natural movements of the human body while they learn to honor the dance within themselves and each other. This imaginative work supports the basic locomotor skills of skipping, leaping, and waltzing, and fosters individual and collective grace, honor, heroism, pride and freedom. 

This winter and spring 2018 we will dance through the heroic myths of the Titans, greet the dawning of spring with Demeter and Persephone, and celebrate the blooming of Gaia and her bountiful earth. We will explore the dance of Aphrodite, the family of Zeus, and the beauty of spring in a celebration of May day, in addition to Isadora's strength and inspiration of the dance through all aspects of nature.  

“I do not teach children. I give them joy”

- Isadora Duncan

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May 19, 12-3 pm- Duncan community showing at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, DC

-Make up classes for March 20 snow day: Tuesday, May 29